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Management services

Profile management ensures that the user’s personal settings are applied to the user’s virtual desktop and applications, regardless of the location and end point device. Profile management is enabled through a profile optimization service that provides an easy, reliable way for managing these settings in Windows environments to ensure a consistent experience by maintaining a single profile that follows the user. It auto-consolidates and optimizes user profiles to minimize management and storage requirements and requires minimal administration, support and infrastructure, while providing users with improved logon and logout.Profile management is a feature available for XenApp Enterprise and Platinum editions and XenDesktop Advanced, Enterprise and Platinum editions.


Inclusion by default

By default all settings are captured, reducing the amount of time and effort spent in identifying what should be captured in a profile. Administrators only need to focus on the items to be excluded from a profile, such as conflicting settings, files or folders that bloat the profile.

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Profile size control

Enables administrators to only include specific files and folders or exclude unnecessary ones that account for tens or hundreds of megabytes, minimizing the amount of data being managed and stored in the profile and decreasing network overhead

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Robust profiles

Automatically detects and stores all modified profile settings in the registry and file system and can be configured to capture any kind of registry and file system modification within the profile. Prevents the unintentional overwriting of user profiles by using built-in logic to determine which data should be kept.

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Detailed reports

Logs detailed information on all actions being performed in an easy to read and understandable format, simplifying the troubleshooting and analysis process.

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  • Capital Gains

    Quick summary of capital gains incurred in current fiscal and tax status of your investments if sold today. You can also check capital gains and tax status for past fiscals.

    Brian Fantana
  • Transaction History

    Displays history of transactions that have taken place in your stocks, mutual funds and ULIPs. You can track your transactions for different financial years too.

    Brick Tamland
  • Portfolio Health Check

    Compare your Portfolio Performance against various indices for different time frames. You can also compare funds.

    Ron Burgundy
  • Asset Risk

    New to investing? This tool estimates your financial risk-taking capacity & risk tolerance level displays an asset allocation for you across different asset classes

    Arturo Mendez

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